Our Featured Board Member:

Bill Adams

Bill Adams-jan-19-03500.jpg

"Give a kid some confidence and watch them grow."
- Bill Adams

As President of our Board of Directors, Bill Adams exemplifies  great leadership, kindness and generosity. 

He finds inspiration in his father, who always emphasized the importance of giving back to your community. Adams carries on his father's principle by devoting his time to our Clubs—leading every board meeting, participating in our events, and inspiring others to support our Clubs as well. Though the position of a president can be demanding, Adams finds it easy to donate his time when he sees the great dedication of Club staff  to the youth of Tulare County. He recognizes the impact of investing in children. Adams believes that providing a safe environment for youth is a relatively inexpensive investment considering the impact it will have on the future, of not just the individual, but the entire community.

When asked what our community should know about the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Sequoias, Bill Adams replied, "I think the community should stop in and see what we are doing to build kids' futures.  I think if the community got to see what we are doing every day with these kids, they would get behind the Boys & Girls Clubs 100%."

We are thankful for Bill Adams and his constant dedication to the advancement of our Clubs! Thank you, Bill!