Our Featured Staff Member:

Julissa Ledezma


We are proud to introduce Julissa Ledezma as our 2019 Youth Development Professional MVP!

When Julissa started working for the Boys & Girls Club, she had no idea what a huge impact she was going to have on our members. Julissa has decided to work with young people because she understands what it is like to grow up feeling unaccepted by her peers and to have her accomplishments overlooked by teachers and family members. She is a positive mentor for the young people who are going through their lives feeling that same way.

Her positive attitude motivates not only youth; but everyone around her. She helps one to understand that they can be more, and do more than what is expected of them. She encourages members to think outside of the box when it comes to deciding a future and helps them understand that the possibilities are endless. Julissa accepts members for who they are and encourages them to find silver linings in negative situations.

  Every young member comes from a different background and carries different baggage with them, but Julissa provides them with the security and compassion it takes for them to carry on their endeavors.