Strathmore Club:

Celebrating 5 Years of Open Doors!


Boys & Girls Clubs of the Sequoias is celebrating 5 years of serving Strathmore youth.

They have recently celebrated by inviting their supporters and friends of the Club to a Strathmore Open House—consisting of food, Club tours, guest speakers, and family fun. Boys & Girls Clubs of the Sequoias accredits supportive locals, donors, and their Strathmore Community Action Team (CAT) to helping make the dream of a Club in Strathmore come true. As stated by Area Director Mat Keel, the vision is to “help young men and women learn skills they can use throughout their lifetime.”

The idea of a Club in Strathmore came about when locals recognized the need for after school programming for kids and teens in the area. Boys & Girls Clubs of the Sequoias, in collaboration with the Strathmore CAT, raised funds in order to make this Club a reality. As a result, the Club opened its doors on June 8th, 2014. Thanks to the support of Grace Bible Fellowship Church, the Club has been able to serve youth in an ideal location—directly across the street from Strathmore Elementary School. To this day, both the CAT and Church play a huge role in the flourishing of the Club, fundraising and volunteering all year-round. Initially, the Club averaged 8 members in daily attendance—now the daily average is 25.

On the evening of the Open House, Club members happily took leadership roles by cleaning up, and setting up decorations. They greeted guests and toured them around the Club. Their goal was to familiarize supporters with their site, staff, and daily activities. Members are particularly proud of their beautiful and rich garden, made possible by the Lowe’s Heroes Project. The last stop on the tour was a BBQ meal, served with homemade sides and fresh lemonade. The community sat down alongside one another for dinner as the program began.

Director of Development, Lynn Dodds, took the time to thank all the guests, saying,

“The community of Strathmore supports each other, like no other. [...] Thank you for investing in our community—we need your ongoing support.”

Oscar, a Strathmore Club member, had stated “I feel comfortable coming to the Club if I need help with anything, whether it be about family or homework.” That is the goal of the Club, to provide a stable, safe place for youth to be themselves.